Kinsale Health Therapies is currently located from Kinsale Health & Wellbeing Center.

Deep Tissue/Remedial Massage€55
Therapuetic Massage/Relaxation€55
Women's Health Massage€65
Deep Tissue or therapeutic Massage - 30mins€35
Pregnancy Massage €55
Pregnancy Reflexology €50
General Reflexology €50
Reiki Energy Therapy €50
New: Integrated Energy Massage €80


Please visit the Home page or Facebook page, for offers and current events.


Vouchers are available all year round, for any occasion. If you would like a specific length of time or combination of treatments, vouchers can be altered to your requirements.

Vouchers can be sent to you or collected.

Vouchers are valid for 1 year.

Course of 6 Treatments

For optimal results from your therapy treatments, regular treatments are recommended. Therefore, I have put together a discounted course of 6 treatments. These treatments may be taken in your own time or in accordance with the reason for your therapy sessions. This will be discussed during your consultation. Course of treatments are paid for by the third session.


I have had some enquiries over the years from clients in connection with ‘homevisits’ or ‘outcalls’.

This is an option for anyone, for various reasons, who may find it difficult to travel to their treament. This is also an option for a group of friends or business gatherings, who wish to provide  Professional Massage Therapy on location. This is lovely option (and possibly a practical option for families with children) for holiday makers, who may be staying in rented accommadation in Kinsale.

All equipment will be set up and cleaned up. Prices may vary depending on location or group situations. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss this option further. I would be happy to help with questions you might have.