Integrative Energy Treatments

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki - hands on massageReiki is a ‘Hands On’ energy therapy. A Japanese technique, ‘Rei’ is the Universal consciousness and ‘Ki’ meaning Life Force energy. This universal life force energy or consciousness is all around us, all the time; it can be described as the wisdom that comes from God or your higher self. Through positive intentions the practitioner facilitates the Reiki healing of love, peace and protection for the client.

Clients have reported a feeling of calmness, relaxation, groundedness and an overall positive feeling through their daily lives. Reiki can benefit in the overall feeling of positive mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.


NEW – Integrated Energy Massage – 1 hour 45mins

Oz & Samoa March & April 06 182During a ‘Head to Toe Massage’ you will receive a beautiful combination of some of the most current, favoured and rejuvenating treatments and techniques in professional Massage Therapy.

 ‘The Cortices Technique’, (The BodyTalk System) this technique can help to enable calming of the mind before the massage, tapping into the body’s own intelligence, to heal itself. This amazing technique used daily can help in brain function and clarity.

‘Deep Tissue Massage’ combined with beautiful flowing ‘Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage’ movements will promote muscle health and improve physical, emotional and spiritual awareness in your own body.

‘Reflexology’ is a unique treatment for the feet where clients have found themselves going into a deep state of relaxation, therefore encouraging balance and restoration in the mind and body.

A blend of nourishing Coconut Oil is massaged to the head using ‘Indian Head Massage’ techniques and pressure points, to aid in mental wellbeing and to help promote relief from daily stressors.

A unique ‘Facial Massage’ with a special facial blend of Coconut oil and Essential oils to nourish the skin and combining with specific massage techniques to promote elasticity in the skin. Headaches, sinuses and tight jaw muscles can be eased with specific facial massage and pressure points.

The intention of ‘Reiki Energy Healing’ throughout your treatment will guide in protection and healing, also encouraging grounding and balance within the mind, body and spirit.